On the adult, an echo

On the adult, an echo Very unexpectedly and embarrassingly.

I pulled out groan.

What, began on the adult?

doctor Georgadze reacted.

On the adult, an echo I responded.

Fight all lasted and lasted, and in the head only one thought knocked when it comes to an end.

Well, here released.

Happiness that what!

Faugh at at, it is possible to take breath.

I did not manage to recover the breath, as again fight.

As though the huge prickly wave breaks off me from within.

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Reading demands

Reading demands Types of glazomerny movements are visual division of objects in half, measurement of subjects by means of scale, the visual account of subjects.

Important feature of glazomerny movements their similarity to the similar movements of a hand.

For movements of eyes, as well as for any kind of the purposeful movement, the important characteristic is the direction choice.

Reading demands the created movement of eyes in the direction from left to right.

Therefore an important stage of correctional work is formation necessary for reading strategy of scanning in the direction from left to right.

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And as around

And as around Most often children of the nature call long ago by the forgotten names which resemble Old Russian names of a nickname more: Vesnyanka, Pervysh, Lyubomir, etc.

Of course, to them it is simpler.

The accord with a middle name and a surname interests them a little.

And as around not a soul, nobody will begin to tease children and to sneer at the chosen name.

And hardly anyone that of parents of eremites in general thinks of such questions.

They have the philosophy.

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Equipment: sets

Equipment: sets Equipment: sets of cards with the image of the following type of clothes: winter coat, autumn coat, winter dress, summer dress, bathing suit; on a reverse side of a strip of the corresponding length fig.


Equipment: sets of cards with the image of the following devices for lighting: candle, desk lamp, chandelier, searchlight, sun; on the back strips of the corresponding length fig.



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Tell exercise in a word: Finish offers on a sample.

At a stork long legs therefore him call longlegged.

At a nightingale a ringing voice therefore it is called sonorous.

At a swallow a tail long therefore she is called longtailed.

Consider exercise and call: Vanya learned to photograph birds.

But, when it printed photos, it appeared that birds on them turned out not completely.

Races watch Vanina photos and guess, what birds he photographed.

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Lets notice

Lets notice Such phonetic symbolics significantly facilitates to the logopedist a story choice, the most suitable for the child at this grade level.

Lets notice that the quantity of sounds specified in symbolics with the signs plus or minus reflects the level of complexity of the text from the proiznositelny point of view.

The more sounds from the main phonetic row it is specified with the sign minus, the it is easier for the child to say the text as noted sounds in it are not used.

The more sounds it is specified with the sign plus, the big sound loading lays down on the child, and the text is more difficult in the proiznositelny plan.

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When it is possible

When it is possible A bath the remarkable tempering and medical procedure.

The bath at heavy diathesis, allergic diseases of respiratory system is very good.

Contraindications for a bath a hypertension of high degree or hypotonia, a severe damage of kidneys, nervous system, especially increased intra cranial pressure, heart troubles.

When it is possible for the first time in a bath?

The first time it is possible to lead the kid in a bath in months.

There are two options of a bath: dry Finnish and pair Russian.

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